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An early Christmas wish....and update !

Posted on December 17, 2013 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (1)

Hi there,
@ the moment I'm busy trying to get everything done that needs to be before getting ready to focus on Christmas with my family. So here's a rundown what's going on:

with Sonata Arctica, we're finished recording and mixind, now chipping in on liner notes and whatnot. The album will be mastered in January, and we will also shoot 2 videos before our 15th anniversary tour starts, January 29th in Helsinki, Finland. The studioblog can be found
here: sonataarcticamakingof8th.blogspot.com

with Silent Voices, we just released our fourth album, Reveal the Change...you can buy it here: silentvoices.net or go to the Sonata webshop, if it's not already on sale there it will be within the next few days. As far as live shows go, with the hectic SA schedule and Pasi also joining the band, our next chance to play some shows will be in the summer, we're aiming on hitting at least some festivals...and I think it will work out.

with Mental Care Foundation we actually talked about shooting a DVD in a local pub but since everyone seemed to busy, we had to shelve that one for the time being, nevertheless we will be back at some point in time with a new album or something....might take a year or two however so don't hold your breath.

...I'm also working on my next solo album, with vocals this time. At the moment all the songs are written and the keys & guitars are tracked, again with the SA schedule kicking in, it will still take some months to finish the albums since I don't really have the time to work on it as much as needed. First things first.

Anyways, I'll start a new tourblog with the SA stuff as soon as we get out there and will post the link here as well then.

For the time being, enjoy your holidays and I see you out there !!!
Now, back to work....


The traditional fall post...or something

Posted on August 28, 2013 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (1)

so the Stones Grow Her Name World Tour is over and I managed to do the Rockova Ostrava festival with Silent Voices as well, so touringwise I'm not sure what's gonna happend. We're working on setting up some shows with Silent Voices before the end of
the year but otherwise I'll probably off-stage for a couple of months now. The Sonata-touring-crazyness will continue early next year.

As far as studio work goes, we'll start with the next album next week...I'll be posting about

The long awaited (at least we've been waiting to get it out) Silent Voices album Reveal the change will be out by the end of the year....probably. www.silentvoices.net for that stuff.
Other than that I'm also working on my 2nd solo album, this time with vocals....that's about how my fall is gonna look like, finish a couple of albums, play a couple of shows...hope for something nice for Christmas and then it's time to hit the road with Sonata again. I wish all
goes well....

...until then,
I remain...

Silent Voices to tour in the UK

Posted on May 7, 2013 at 6:25 AM Comments comments (2)


it's been a long time since I've written anything here...since most of my time has been spent on the road with Sonata Arctica as you have probably read on http://stonesgrowhernameworldtour.blogspot.fi/


Well now, finally some other news :-) We're gonna play some UK show with Silent Voices at the end of May. I don't even remember when my last show was with these guys, probably sometime in 2004 or 2005 and in Finland. The guys already have the songs down and I just got sent the setlist so I'll be spending my evenings programming sounds and re-learning the stuff.


Back at the recording den, I did a solo for a friend of mine and I still have a piano track to lay down for another buddys band since they don't have a keyboard player (what a terrible situation, right ?)

With Sonata we'll be starting the rehearsals and the studiowork immediately after the summer festivals.... haven't heard any demos from Tony yet so it will be really exciting to see what he's come up with at the moment.


btw as you can read on silentvoices.net we released the tracklist and the coverart for our upcoming album. We managed to get a bunch of guest vocalists which was really cool since at the moment we don't have a singer. Tony is singing one song along with the likes of Mike Vescara, Mats Leven and a bunch of other really cool dudes. We even mastered the album in NYC at Sterling Sound....just check out the details at our site if you're interested.


As the SGHN World Tour is nearing it's end the tourblog will also end in August and I try to be more active on this site after that....at least until we go out for the next world tour when I plan to open another world tour blog...and repeat all the , had a few beers and the show was good- type of crap along with more pics of stuff that nobody needs to see.


until then, see you on the road !!



In the year 2013

Posted on January 9, 2013 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (2)

a lot has been going on and you can read most about it on the SGHN-official blog, or check it out on youtube.com/sonataarctica , apart from the kinda busy touring with Sonata Arctica there's always some time to do other stuff as well....of course not as much as you'd always like but still. This year there should be at least a couple of releases which I'll be playing on, most of the actual recordings have been done for some time now. The new Silent Voices album is ready and at the moment we're tweaking the coverart but the actual recording is done, mixed and mastered (at Sterling Sound in NYC I might add). This seems to be our Chinese Democracy since we've been more or less doing this album for the past 5 or 6 years now....well when everyone has a lot of other things to do, sometimes you'll take your time. It will be worth the wait though so hang in there :-)

There are some other stuff in the making and I'll let you know when there's something to tell. However things do move a bit slow since most of the time we're on the road with SA....this year we still have Scandinavia,Russia,Japan, South-America as well as some shows in Europe and a bunch of festivals to cover before we call it a day and get on with the next album.... 

So stay tuned, there will be a whole lot of blogging and tourdocumentaries going on from our travels so you'll be well informed what's going on and whatta hell we're actually doing out there :-) 

Until I have some actual new about new releases, I will remain silent over here....
....or at least try to.



A note to celebrate the first snowfall this year

Posted on October 16, 2012 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (2)

Hello y'all.

So what's been going on ? Well by checking out the

official Stones Grow Her Name World Tour -blog:

http://stonesgrowhernameworldtour.blogspot.fi/ ;

you'll pretty much know what goes on in the Sonata world.

Regarding the long overdue Silent Voices album, at the moment

all the music is done and we even mastered it in New York,

currently we're working on the cover so perhaps we get it out

next year....


Haven't had too much time to work on other projects right now

but as always there are a bunch of things to be done (filed under:

as soon as I get to it or as soon as I have some time).


Nevertheless, keep on rocking and have a beer !!!


.....and yeah today was the first snowfall this year :-)



A forgotten promotrip, random news and complaining about the weather

Posted on June 5, 2012 at 2:50 AM Comments comments (2)

Hi There,

some old stuff that I forgot to mention:


The promo-trip to Helsinki:


May 14th,

So it was just me and Tony this time that flew down to do a hectic day of interviews. We came down the day before and as T headed out to a friend of his, I was left alone at the hotel with a 12-pack of beers and the ice-hockey game, Finland-Kazakstan. Not a bad situation to be in at all :-)


May 15th,

We got up at around 5:30 in order to make it in time for the national tv (yle) morning show and from there on it was interviews until lunch. We did one after that as well and then it was time for me to take a break while T did a radiothing by himself. The day concluded with some phoners later at the hotel. So, not really much to tell, I'm sure you'll find the actual interviews online somewhere...


The coctail party in Keminmaa:


May 18th,

Me & Tony live in Keminmaa which is just outside of Kemi, and they wanted to celebrate our new album and the band so they arranged a coctail party for all of us. We all got picked up at home, with our families and went to the cityhall, did some press and other things and were driven around in limousines.....the night ended with the actual coctail-thing, food, drinks and great live music. A really interesting night indeed.



...as previously said the tourstuff will be at: http://stonesgrowhernameworldtour.blogspot.fi/

and Tommy promised to get me pics every now and then. The Silent Voices album was just mastered in NYC by Ted Jensen and we're currently working on the cover, stay tuned !!!


that's about it, there will be another Sonata video released in the fall, and as you probably noticed we announced the first part of the European Tour as well. There will be a whole bunch of other tourdates in the fall as well so keep checking www.sonataarctica.info for those things.


and please keep your thumbs up so that we can finally get some summer up here, right now it's 13 degrees celcius and raining as well as a bit of wind.....(bitchin', bitchin' & whining, yeah I know, so what ? )....no worries, when it finally gets warm here ( in August or something) I'll start to whine about that....hahaha. It seems to be time for my meds....or a nap.






Official Tour Blog Launched

Posted on May 12, 2012 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (1)

Ay Caramba !!!

on the road again :-) I opened the official Stones Grow Her Name - Tourblog on: stonesgrowhernameworldtour.blogspot.com


That way it's easier to follow and it also doesn't have any stupid traffic restrictions or shit like that. I'll still be writing about other stuff on these pages but for this World Tour that thing will be THE blog. I also thought about asking some of the other guys to chip in with some guest contributions as well,

we'll see how that goes. Stones Grow Her Name will be released in a couple of days and we're very excited about it, our summer festivals will continue in Spain where we play the Sonisphere. It's gonna be great.




Starting the next world tour

Posted on April 16, 2012 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (3)


Hello all,

It's been a while but I've been quite busy (as always) and a bit lazy (as always). Anyways here's some updates about what has been going on in Lanceland.


February 26th-29th

We boarded the train from Kemi and headed back down to Helsinki to do the mastering of the album. Once again we did it with Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers and the result was of course nothing short of amazing. Not too much to tell about these days, just mainly sitting around and listening, with the occasional comment. At the end the most important thing for us was to check all the transitions from song to song as well as make sure of the trackorder and that we made all the right versions for different territories. Naturally this was also a nice thing for us to come together as a band and put an end to the recording process. Stones Grow Her Name was done.


...a couple of week later we had the first rehersals for the upcoming tour, just a few days getting used to play together again after all the studiowork....


March 20th-22nd

Through a friend of ours we found an abandoned school in our hometown Kemi, and managed to rent it for a few days. So first we had a moviestudio-kinda-setup built in the gym hall. On the 20th and the 21st we filmed the playing part for 3 videos, naturally we changed the setups between songs and shoot a whole lot of different material. The videos will be directed by Tuukka Temonen. It was some hard work but surprisingly easy after all. I guess the hardest part about videos is pretending to play.....somehow I prefer to do it for real and in front of an audience. During our shooting on the 21st, our crew arrived and started putting up the new stage setup and on the 22nd we had a band rehearsal there with the crew and a full PA, just to check some new technical things and run through the show.It was really nice to hang out with the crew guys, some of I hadn't seen since last fall. Having done this we were pretty much ready to play our first show on this tour.


...however we squeezed in a couple of more band rehersals at our warehouse, just to make sure...


April 6th-9th

The first show, can we still play ? We flew out in the evening on Friday and had a night (and you guessed it, some beers) in Helsinki. On Saturday morning we boarded our flight to Brussels via Riga. Confusion, waiting and paying for overweight, at least this hasn't change since our last world tour. Anyways we're so used to it by now it doesn't even bother me, unless it's some extra spectacular hassle. This time it wasn't. When we got to Brussels we were picked up and shuttled to the hotel. The crew guys went to the festival site to check out the tech-things and preparing our gear for the show.


After a couple of hours of rest in the room, the band also headed for the PPM festival. First up was a signing session, it was very nice to see that people still remembered us and were excited for the show. A short interview later it was time for us to get ready...but wait, we hadn't eaten all day so we headed to the festival catering......we got the starters and the drinks right away but somehow they managed to forget our first order.....and our second one....and by the third time they appeareantly got it, so 1,5 hours after sitting down we got some plates before us. My nickname back home is trashcan because I eat almost anything, but this time it was not really worth the wait....of course I chewed it up anyway but.....well, enough bitching...


Not having played a show since August 15 2011 the whole band was pretty nervous but that's how it usually is after a long break. As soon as we got on stage, all was well again and we started to enjoy ourselves. Really fucking great to be back !!!! We played three new songs, the show opener: Only the broken hearts, the "koivunen-cover" Losing my insanity and our first single: I have a right, on top of that we also played Breathing which we have never played anywhere live before. The rest was older and more familiar stuff...


...after the show, we met some of Elias friends from Pirkkala, had some beers, said a quick hello to the Finntroll guys (whom offered some local spirit that tasted like Barbie and Marshmallows going to hell)....and headed back to the hotel. Some drinks, a lot of talking and planning and just in time for the last game of the regular season in the NHL, I was in bed watching that and passing out. A great day indeed.


On Sunday, all we had to do was eat breakfast and get to the airport for the evening flight, so that's basically what I did. We arrived at the hotel in Helsinki at around 0200am and at 0530 it was time to get up and head back to the airport, at just before 10 I was home and pretty much went straight to bed :-)



.....and since then... : at the moment we've been starting up the interview-rulette and it still amazes me how many people want to talk with us about the new album. So, well talk :-) Meanwhile I made an audioteaser for youtube, the guys at NBR helped me out with the visuals (as I have no idea how to do those things, and my new mac doesn't even have iMovie on it) ...and the teaser has been online now for some time. While I did that, Tony was working on his making of stones grow her name- series. The first one is already up and the plan is to release part 2 & 3 on the 17th and 24th this month.


The digital single of I have a right, will be out on the 18th and we're trying to work out a way to get an exclusive physical single to the webshop as well.....we'll see how that goes. That will not make it before the 18th however so....shit happends.


The video for I have a right should be out within the forseeable future and the album is out next month. Check our site for updates, and I'll try to be a bit more frequent and up to date on this blog as well. Anyways, that's all for now, I'm on my way up north to do some pyro-stuff......Our next show will be at the Radio Rock Cruise in the beginning of May.




I love computers / about the sonata album & all kinds of shit

Posted on February 24, 2012 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (4)


so what's been up ? Well at least I know what's been down and that's the SA website, the SA webshop and these pages. Quite a lot within a few weeks. Anyways everything is back in order and here's a rundown on other matters:


Last weekend we held a listening party for the press (at the Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki), showcasing our new album. We even let them participate on some "hey" shouts for the song Shitload of Money. It was interesting to see the look on peoples faces when they listened to the stuff for the first time, and I'm sure you'll be surprised too :-) ...later on we did some interviews before we headed out to the FME to do a signing session. As you can imagine being home for the last 6 months left it's mark meaning once again yours truly was in a happy state of mind (=drunk). Nevertheless it was a lot of fun and this week we've been fine-tuning the songs, finalising the album cover and next up is the mastering and after that we're done with the album. Then of course we get to shoot a video, I have a bunch of programming to do, some band rehearsals and a lot of interviews before we're ready to get into touring mode, starting with the festivals. The first one is in Belgium in the beginning of April if I'm not mistaken. I'm really looking forward to playing the new stuff live...it's been too long without any shows. Meanwhile check out my solo album (as some of you thankfully already did)....and I'll make another one as soon as I get to it. I'll be on two other albums that should be out this year (the before mentioned Silent Voices album) and another melodic metal thing....as always I'll keep you posted.






and, just to have it all in one post, here's where you can get my solo album as well as the new Mental Care Foundation single.


online, cd baby:




at the Sonata Arctica webshop:




You can also get the album through Avalon/Marquee and at Tornion Musiikki.


..and the new MCF sinlge


online, itunes:




and for the special edition:


Six Pack Attack!!! -special edition CD now available!

Including three previously unreleased bonus tracks from the Hair of the Dog

and the Alcohol Anthems sessions.

Track listing:

1. Six Pack Attack!!!

2. Chrystal

3. Visiting Hour

4. The Beer Song

5. Green River

More information:


Solo album on the Sonata Webshop

Posted on February 10, 2012 at 12:35 PM Comments comments (0)

on the 14th of February the Klingenberg Syndrome:...and the weird turned pro, wil be available from the Sonata Arctica webshop as well. So order your copy and find out what the hell this stuff is anyway.

I'll post some updates about the SA album in a week or so when we're finished with it. Right now the mixing is underway so we're getting close to the finish-line, minute by minute.