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A forgotten promotrip, random news and complaining about the weather

Posted on June 5, 2012 at 2:50 AM

Hi There,

some old stuff that I forgot to mention:


The promo-trip to Helsinki:


May 14th,

So it was just me and Tony this time that flew down to do a hectic day of interviews. We came down the day before and as T headed out to a friend of his, I was left alone at the hotel with a 12-pack of beers and the ice-hockey game, Finland-Kazakstan. Not a bad situation to be in at all :-)


May 15th,

We got up at around 5:30 in order to make it in time for the national tv (yle) morning show and from there on it was interviews until lunch. We did one after that as well and then it was time for me to take a break while T did a radiothing by himself. The day concluded with some phoners later at the hotel. So, not really much to tell, I'm sure you'll find the actual interviews online somewhere...


The coctail party in Keminmaa:


May 18th,

Me & Tony live in Keminmaa which is just outside of Kemi, and they wanted to celebrate our new album and the band so they arranged a coctail party for all of us. We all got picked up at home, with our families and went to the cityhall, did some press and other things and were driven around in limousines.....the night ended with the actual coctail-thing, food, drinks and great live music. A really interesting night indeed.



...as previously said the tourstuff will be at: http://stonesgrowhernameworldtour.blogspot.fi/

and Tommy promised to get me pics every now and then. The Silent Voices album was just mastered in NYC by Ted Jensen and we're currently working on the cover, stay tuned !!!


that's about it, there will be another Sonata video released in the fall, and as you probably noticed we announced the first part of the European Tour as well. There will be a whole bunch of other tourdates in the fall as well so keep checking www.sonataarctica.info for those things.


and please keep your thumbs up so that we can finally get some summer up here, right now it's 13 degrees celcius and raining as well as a bit of wind.....(bitchin', bitchin' & whining, yeah I know, so what ? )....no worries, when it finally gets warm here ( in August or something) I'll start to whine about that....hahaha. It seems to be time for my meds....or a nap.






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Reply lindarctica
11:18 AM on June 5, 2012 
weather ain't friendly in Holland either. It's June for feck's sake but earlier this week it was just as cold as on 2nd Christmas day. O.o
So its thumbs up for the both of us! :)

Cya (hopefully) at ZwarteCross... or if not, Tilburg! MISS YOU GUYS!!!
Reply heavvymetalqueen
9:59 AM on June 5, 2012 
Meds? You aren't sick, are you? D: (yeah I don't know why I ask, I know you don't reply but still, either way -take care!)

And hey, you're the one who moved to Keminmaa. ;) We are having a pretty decent summer here in Tampere, as you'll see on Friday!

The YLE interviews were delightful! Even if you did look a little sleepy and now I can see why. But it was nice to see you two smiling and relaxed and stuff. Also, diggin' your new looks. I mean, you've always been pretty but wow. Ahem.

SO EXCITED for the new Silent Voices! I'll check here every now and then all summer, waiting for an announcement of it. I'm sure it's great :D

So yeah. See you on Friday, man. :)