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Recording the Sonata album and the solo record

Posted on November 29, 2011 at 5:35 AM

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So, what's going on right now is: we're currently recording the new Sonata Arctica album and of course as we're all really excited about this, I'll have to put the obligatory "It sounds fantastic" comment in here as well....and as before it's actually true, once again.

Nevertheless next week I'm driving down to Studio57 in Alaveteli to record the Hammond organs for the album, so those of you who wished we're getting rid of that are pretty much, shit out of luck...or as they say: neeeever gonna happend, except you never know, we might do a harmonica album next. Unless something goes totally wrong the album will be out before the summer, meaning April-May in 2012. Once again we have a couple of guests, a cover song and of course we came up with some new stylistic flavours as well....and just one more heads up: there will be hardly any symphonic elements on the new album, so no full fledged orchestra this time.


..and regarding my solo album, it will be released in late January 2012 in Japan by Avalon/Marquee. I'm still working on the Europe/US-deal, let's see how that pans out. It's called: "Klingenberg Syndrome:...and the weird turned pro." The music is pretty much instrumental prog/metal...whatever that means. Elias is doing the guitars on the album (it was easy to twist his hand to do this since I did the keys on his "Fire-Hearted" album) and I got some other old friends with me as well, Pasi Kauppinen (who mixed our live DVD's amongst a hundred other things) played the bass and we got Jari Huttunen whom I played with in Requiem, like 10yrs ago or something, playing the electronic drums. No "special guests" and no vocals. I'll post the exact release date(s) later, with the cover as well as the tracklisting....maybe it would be a great thing to do before christmas ?


That's about it for now, yeah the next Sonata tour starts in April 2012 so before that I might even have the time to make another record with someone....let me check this out...




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Reply T.L.
8:08 AM on December 12, 2011 
So very exciting news all-round there! :D Both your and Sonata's album sound intriguing.. wetting our appetites to find out more.. :D I'll be getting your album from Japan if it's released there first, I always enjoy your solos during concerts, so to have an album all made like that I'm sure will sound great! and I like the sound of Hammond organs anyway :D \we have quite a lot to look forward to for the next few months, then!
Reply Elaine Bernacci
8:56 AM on December 8, 2011 
Good news, bad news...
Do you really believe there's no Live In Finland in Brazil yet?!? It will be disposable in here after december 23rd... And I want the brazilian version so I'll have to wait... Oh, crap! And I guess I'll have the same problem with you solo album...
Ok, what can I do if Sonata guys worth the waiting?
I learned to love Hammonds with Edguy and then with brazilian metal band Shaaman... Sonata just made me more stuck with it and after The DOG I actually learned all about Hammond and Leslie and Hammond and Les... you got it! I'm happy there'll still be more Hammonds for me in SA albuns yay!
Reply Emiliano
8:13 PM on December 5, 2011 
I get so much excited to hear the news about the next album. I recieved the new DVD today from Nuclear Blast with the poster. Its amazing guys. Thanks for exist and be part of my daily sin.
Reply mitsu
1:18 PM on December 3, 2011 
Personally I love the Hammond! :D I can't believe you're recording already, the pace you guys work at is pretty astonishing. Can't wait to hear it, can't wait to see you on the road again... Can't wait for your solo album either :) You couldn't tell us whether Elias is working on a new solo album for himself, could you?
Reply heavvymetalqueen
6:39 PM on November 30, 2011 
I need your solo album so badly it hurts, and if I have to order it from Japan, I will do it. Shame on the no vocals thing though. I hoped to hear you sing again. But oh, a whole album of Henkka prog. It's like a dream come true...
Reply Kilgore Trout
8:38 AM on November 29, 2011 
Never lose the hammond. World needs more hammond and less strings. True story.